Saturday, March 6, 2010

65/365 March 6, 2010

64/365 March 6, 2010
Jonas is starting to make his "scrunchy face" here

64/365 March 6, 2010

My sister and I used to joke that our parents' old coffee table was a "baby killer" because 2 different toddlers had to get stitches after falling into it. I'm beginning to think maybe my coffee table is a baby killer too. Levi fell into it face first last summer and got a hideous bruise on his cheek that took a few months to completely go away. Today Jonas took a tumble into the table and cut/bruised the skin right by his eye. Poor little guy had a slight fever today too. Good thing we moved his birthday party!

64/365 March 6, 2010
Look out, it's THE CLAW! Actually, I'm not sure what he was doing here.

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