Friday, May 21, 2010

141/365 May 21, 2010

What a long and exhausting day... We got up at 4:30 this morning to drop Shane off for his deployment. The kids are too little to understand what's going on, but it was a tearful goodbye for both me and Shane. He will be gone for basically the rest of the year. This deployment has been moved back so many times and we've anticipated it for so long that it's almost a relief to just have it finally happen, but at the same time it's overwhelming to think of 7 months of single-parenthood, all he will miss, the boys not having their daddy around, etc. We will make it through, though. Hopefully the time will pass quickly.

So, that was how our day started. Oh, and did I mention that Jonas is having a growth spurt and was up half the night? I thought the boys would go back to sleep in the car on the way home, but it was a no go. They were up for the day. We went to play group and that helped distract me for a while. Shane called me a few times before they left too, which was nice and really helped me not feel as anxious. I put Jonas down for a nap when we got home and he slept for a whopping 45 minutes. I have no idea how he managed that after being up half the night and getting up so early, but I could not get him to go back to sleep for anything.

Soon after Jonas woke up, my Realtor called me to say that we were a go to close on our house that afternoon. I don't know if I explained the situation here, but basically, we got possession of the house back in December, a week before we were set to close on it. Then, a few days before closing, the sellers said that they hadn't been able to get the loan they needed to pay off their mortgage and our closing costs (they bought the house several years ago for a LOT more than they were selling it for). They tried to appeal, but were unsuccessful, so the bank told them they had to do a short sale. Since we already lived in the house and had a contract in place on it, they submitted our contract with the short sale paperwork and we waited...and waited...and hear from the bank about if they would accept it or not. We finally heard a few weeks ago that it went through, but we were a bit unclear on if the terms (namely, the sellers paying $10,000 in closing cost assistance) would stay exactly the same. We still weren't totally clear until closing this afternoon.

Anyway, I was hoping and praying the kids might get a short nap in the car, and I didn't want to take them into the bank with me to get the cashier's check we needed for closing, so I asked my Realtor (who ROCKS, by the way!) if she could meet me at the bank just before closing so she could sit with the kids while I went inside. She was fine with that, so we met up around 3:40 (closing was at 4). Oddly enough, Levi was the one that fell asleep in the car, not Jonas. I got my check and we headed to the attorney's office. I signed a gazillion papers (and since I had to sign for Shane with power of attorney, it wasn't as simple as just writing my name) and the boys did pretty well. We had been told that the bank would only give us 3% closing costs, which put us about $3000 below what we had on our original contract. But we were willing to pay the extra money just to finally have our house really be ours. When we signed the papers, the seller concessions were $9700-something, so we ended up almost exactly where we had planned all along! The only thing was that I didn't realize our homeowners insurance rate was really high, so I will have to do some rate shopping and switch that to something better, but hey, the house is ours!

My Realtor wanted to treat me and the boys to dinner, so after closing we went to Smokey Bones. We were right by our old house, so it was strange to be there again and not be living over there anymore. Levi was a bit cranky when we got there, and I had hoped that eating something would help his mood, but by the time we left, he was a complete wreck because he was so tired. It was 6:40 then and I figured I would just go home and put the boys straight to bed, a bit earlier than their usual 8:00 bedtime.

Well, my plans were foiled when I got near our house and it took me over an hour to go a mile because of the Chesapeake Jubilee going on at the park right by our house. The boys screamed for at least half the time we were sitting there, and I was so exhausted I could hardly stay awake. By the time we got home, it was after 8, and I had to quickly wash down the boys (they had played in the dirt at the park earlier in the day, so they really needed it) and put them to bed, all while they both screamed. By the time I got Levi to bed and sat down to nurse Jonas before putting him to bed, I was so frazzled and overwhelmed that I lost it and started sobbing.

I finally got Jonas to bed and then came downstairs and tried to relax. I had a glass of wine and finally got to unwind a little bit. Hopefully I can go to bed kind of early to make up for last night, and hopefully Jonas won't wake me up 15 times tonight.

Oh, and here's today's picture. Our not-so-new-anymore house that is finally OURS!

121/365 May 21, 2010

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