Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pray for Linda

lindapic.jpg picture by tylerandgraciesmom

This is Linda and her husband Evan. I used to post with Linda on a message board when her first son was a toddler. He is now 7 and has a little brother that is a few weeks younger than Jonas.

Last month Linda came down with what she thought was the flu. She felt dehydrated, so she went to the ER, and it was discovered that she was in much worse condition than anyone expected. She had developed pneumonia, and then sepsis, an infection in her bloodstream. Her organs were failing and she was very, very sick. She was admitted to the ICU and spent a few weeks in a drug induced coma, on a ventilator. During this time it was determined that she had gotten so sick from toxic shock syndrome, caused by staph bacteria.

The doctors were able to culture her blood and get her on the right antibiotics, but the infection and TSS was so bad that her extremeties were deprived of oxygen and were badly damaged. Her fingers all turned black and died, and her feet are not in great shape either, although they thought she should be able to keep them.

Linda had started to improve and was even able to be taken off the sedation medications and wake up. Then this week she took another turn for the worse. She has sepsis and TSS once again, this time caused by c. diff. She is in another medically induced coma and her lungs are failing again. The medical staff is unable to do a CT scan and see how much damage the latest infection has caused because Linda is too unstable. She needs to be unhooked from most of the machines for the scan and they just don't think she can make it long enough.

Linda's older son, Ethan, has been kept at home because the doctors have said it would be too traumatic for him to see his mom so sick and unrecognizeable with all the machinery hooked up to her, the swelling, etc. The situation has become so dire that Ethan was allowed to visit this week. Now, not even Evan is able to visit because the risk of infection is too high, and he doesn't want to put the kids in danger.

These next few days will pretty much determine Linda's fate. She is very critically ill and they don't know if she will get better this time. Evan has asked that everyone pray for her. Not just for her to be healed, but for her to let God take control and for her salvation. Please pray for Linda, Evan, Ethan, and Oliver.

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  1. oh my gosh my heart just broke. I am praying for peace and comfort for all of them and that whatever should happen does!