Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So, I'm starting a blog

I've never really considered my life interesting enough to blog about it. I do have two very cute little boys, though, so I thought maybe I'd try doing a photo blog. You can look at the cute kids (and the stories to go with the pictures), and I can practice my photography skills. Everybody wins!

And what good would a photo blog be without any photos in the first post?

This is Levi. He will be 3 in June and he cracks me up every day. He has his "almost-3-year-old" moments, but he's a sweet kid with a whole lot of personality, and just as much energy.

This is Jonas. He just joined us in March. So far he isn't quite as high energy (or high maintenance, thank goodness!) as his big brother, but he is just as sweet!

This is my other half, Shane, with the boys.

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