Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some Comic Relief

Here are a few Levi anecdotes from recent history. I thought it would be nice to have a happy post after the last one griping about everything!

While drawing with crayons the other day:
  • Indigo (our Siberian Husky): *whine*whine*whine*whine*whine*
  • Levi: "Shhh! I'm trying to draw!"

While I was in labor with Jonas (a horrible, 40 hour ordeal that desperately needed the comic relief Levi provided):
  • Me: *eyes closed during a contraction* Moooooooooooooan...
  • Levi: "Mommy's sleeping!" (Oh, how I wished I really was sleeping...)
Lather, rinse, repeat about a dozen times.
  • Shane: "Levi, Mommy's not sleeping. She's having a contraction."
  • Levi: "Contraption? Oh, okay! Contraption!"
Next contraction:
  • Me: *eyes closed during a contraction* Moooooooooooooan...
  • Levi: "Mommy's sleeping! Contraption!"

A common morning conversation:
  • Me: "Levi, what would you like to eat for breakfast?"
  • Levi: "Birthday cake!"
  • Me: "We don't have any birthday cake because it's not anybody's birthday. And you know you couldn't have cake for breakfast anyway."
  • Levi: "Happy birthday, Mommy!"
  • Me: "Thank you, Levi, but it's not my birthday today."
  • Levi: "No, birthday cake!"
Gotta love the logic of a 2 year old. I think I'd be in my golden years by now if I'd had as many birthdays as Levi thinks I have since my actual birthday last month!

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