Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How to go from "friendly and helpful" to "whacked out and creepy" in 5 seconds

I am still working on posts to fill in last week and this week, but this is too weird to not share it right away.

This morning I went on a tour of the Britax plant in Charlotte, NC. Levi stayed with my grandmother at her house and I took Jonas with me in the sling since he is nursing and I didn't have enough milk pumped for him to leave him behind too. The original plan was to go on the tour with a CPST friend of mine and then go out to lunch together afterward, but my friend had to cancel because of a death in the family, so it was just me and Jonas. I decided to just drive back and pick up fast food (yuck) for lunch .

I went to a Taco Bell, and had Jonas in his infant car seat and my big diaper bag with me, so the cashier cooed and chatted to the baby for a minute and then after I paid she offered to bring my food out to me since I had my hands full. I said thank you and got situated, and then she brought out my food and talked to the baby a little more and made comments about his pretty blue eyes, etc. She asked how old he was and I told her he was 3 months. She said she thought he was more like 6 or 7 months because he looked "strong and experienced." Kind of a weird way to phrase things, but I smiled and said thank you and she left me to eat my food. I finished eating and the same cashier saw me heading for the door and came out from behind the counter to open it for me, since there was nobody in line at the moment. I thanked her again, and then things got weird.

As I went to put the baby in the car, the cashier said to me, "He prefers the little boys over little girls, I can tell. You can see from his history that he likes them better. (Looking at the baby. You like the little boys, don't you?" Um, whoa... I have NO IDEA what in the world prompted her to say that, but it seemed to be with the implication that he liked little boys in "that" way. I could not have been more thankful to be 3 feet from my car and leaving the crazy lady behind. What.the.heck? I think my eyes about bugged out of my head. What a weird, random, gross, and totally CREEPY thing to say!

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