Sunday, February 28, 2010

59/365 February 28, 2010

We had a stressful day, so this was the only picture I took, after everyone else was in bed:

59/365 February 28, 2010

Levi threw up in his bed this morning. He didn't even care enough to tell me about it, and he was not acting sick at all, so I didn't discover it until I went to get him dressed and saw the mess in his bed. I figured since he had no fever and had eaten breakfast and seemed just fine that maybe he had just gagged himself on accident somehow, and we went to church as planned. After church, we went to lunch with some friends at the mall food court and Levi didn't really eat much. We didn't think much of it because he's 3 and can be finicky about when he eats, but then he started whining and wouldn't say what was wrong and next thing we knew, he vomited all over himself, the table, the was so gross. Thankfully we had a change of clothes for him since he is potty training, so we got him cleaned up and waited for a janitor to come clean up the table and floor and headed home. Levi seemed fine after that other than a flushed face and not wanting to eat (he had a piece of toast and a few bites of a waffle, and that's it), but since he had seemed fine at church and then got sick again anyway, we took precautions in case he got sick again. We put towels all over the couch and gave him this ugly green Halloween candy bowl as his sick bucket. Thank God he did not need it. He went to bed 4 hours ago and we haven't heard a peep from him, so we're hoping that's the end of it and he will be back to normal tomorrow (and that nobody else will get whatever he had). Poor kid!

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