Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Another Linda update

I recently got this update, written by Linda herself:

"i've been home from rehab for about 3 wks now, and i feel so muxch happier. my walking is ok, i'm reLLY SLOW and wobbly, but i manage. it'll be a while beforee i can walk normally. i've done all my surgeries, and i have bASICALLY all my fingers to the first joint, so they are short, but i can still do alot. my left hand is still wrapped since it's only bewen about 3 wks since that surgery, but in about a wk or so i can unwrap and use them.

evan has been the best husbAND EVER, ethan is growing up, and me aND OLI ARE GETTing back to bonding. he was so young when i gotr sick, i feel like i missed out on most of his life so far. i thank god for my mil, she moved here from maLAYSIA, and w/o her we wouldn't be able to make it. she loves the boys. i'm going to her church this sun. to meet people and talk about my experience. they prayed for me and visited me in the hospital.

i used to be agnostic. but lately i feel like i need to give my life over to someone who knows better- god. i hAVE come to the conclusion that this happewned to me for A REASON. he hASA A PLAN FOR MY future, maybe to help others in trouble, or inspire people. but if he hadn'tr broken me i woudn't be able to do that. i'm gratewful for you guys aND YOUR PRAYERs."

Praise God that Linda's trials brought her closer to God instead of making her bitter! What an amazing testimony!

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