Tuesday, July 6, 2010

187/365 July 6, 2010

We got the TV back today! And it was even covered under warranty! Phew! I had to ask my next door neighbor to help me get it from my van into the house, but it's not heavy, just big. I'm so glad to have this off my shoulders.

187/365 July 6, 2010

Today also marks 10 years since my mom died. It seems like just yesterday in some ways, and like forever ago in others. I still miss my mom every day, and it makes me sad that my boys don't have the chance to get to know her. I hope she would be proud of me. This is a project I did my senior year of high school. The assignment was to take a picture of your eye and come up with a graphic that represented the phrase "the eye is a window to the soul." I obviously played with the colors, and I also put a picture of my mom holding me as a baby in the middle. The hands/heart (claddagh) ring were a gift from my sister after my mom died. She got one for herself too. The top stone is my mom's birth stone, and in the center (I cropped them out for this project) are the birthstones for me and my sister. I'm not sure what the claddagh actually stands for, but for us, the rings were symbolic of our mom holding us in her heart and her in ours forever. I thought framing the picture of me with my mom with the heart of the ring was a pretty good representation of the theme. I only wish I had access to the full resolution file so I could make a print of it. I suppose I could redo the project from scratch, though.

Window to the Soul


  1. That's a cool pic! I didn't know your mom had died, man, that was awfully young! I will pray for your comfort today...I can't imagine...