Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Take a Trip Tuesday - 5/5/09

Time to take a trip down memory lane with some old photos. These are pre-SLR and definitely pre-knowing how to do anything with a camera other than put it in auto mode and push the button!

This week we're going back to October 2007, when we visited Shane's brother's family in California.

This is the view from my brother in law's neighborhood - that's the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island!

Look at Levi's wispy blond baby hair! And he was so little! (Pacific Ocean in the background - that's as close as we got to it on our trip, though. Next time I want to actually go to the beach, even if just to walk around!)

At a farm/orchard.

I miss him being so sweet and innocent!

At Disneyland!

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